All the Tools You Need

Maximize your affectiveness. Minimize your stress.

Step 1. Create Your Group

Creating your first small group is super simple. When you create your account, you will be taken to your profile page, once there click the plus in the groups section and enter the group details. 

On your new group page, send the invitation link to all of your group members.

Step 2. Add Your Material

Back on your profile page, click the button, "Add a Study", then enter the study's name and description. 

Now that your study has been created, you can use the study builder to enter your small group material or add companion material if you are going through a curriculum.

Step 3. Manage Your Group

Trying to manage small group communication with email can be very frustrating, but StudyChurch can help.

Create an assignment in StudyChurch and your group will be automatically notified about the assignment. They will also be reminded when the assignment is due.

Use the group discussion area to message the whole group. We'll send out an email to make sure everyone sees your message.

Step 4. Study Together

This is what small groups are really about. You have all the tools to manage your group, now enjoy studying and fellowship!

As you answer questions in the material you have created, you'll be able to see the answers of other members of your group. You'll also be able to comment on their answers and they'll be able to comment on yours. 

Now that's how you do small group online!

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